About Us

[Jami is on the left, and Bryson is on the right.]

About Bryson:

I’m a sixteen year old writer and blogger here on Dual Perspectives. I enjoy food (particularly the kind that comes in tater and pie form). And owls. And books. But mostly books.
I also like tea. Tea makes me happy.
My favorite person ever is probably A.S. King, if you've never heard of her or read any of her books, do so now. Seriously. Now.
My favorite book? I probably couldn't pick since I love so many. 

About Jami:

I'm a twenty-two-year old writer/reader from South Texas. I like penguins, elephants, bunnies, and anything else cute and/or fluffy. I like things that sparkle and tend to lose focus quickly. Oh! Shiny! *cough* Anyways. Most of my life has been spent writing books and collecting them. 

You can also find Jami's book, Knight's End here.

[Knight's End, by Jami Montgomery]